Friday, 1 June 2012

Third Time Is Most Definitely Not The Charm

Okay, I'm not trying to turn this blog into lifecasting but, you know that old saying; "everything comes in threes"?

Well this past week, the bad stuff in my day-to-day routine has most certainly followed that rule. 

Let's start from the beginning shall we?

Well, last weekend I was back home for a few days to celebrate my friends hen party (for those who don't use that term, it's the womens pre-wedding night out). Don't get me wrong, the night out itself was great but the next day, I was in the car on the way back from picking up some food for a house party from a couple of towns over. Well, as we drove home (I was with my mum and godmother) along the motorway, the car broke down. Now for a good part of both last week and this week, the weather has been amazing and this particular day was no exception. But when your car door is locked and the electrics aren't working meaning you can't lower the window, trust me, you don't want the good weather to be there. 

Long story short, we were stuck at the side of the road for around about an hour before a recovery vehicle turned up, most of which I spent in the car listening to music with my trouser legs rolled up. 

But that's not so bad right?

Well, the very next day, after I came back to my student home, I was back at the doctors for a second consultation about my breathing problem. And not only was the news I received bad, but the experience itself wasn't fantastic either. The week before, when I had gone for my first appointment, the nurse practitioner had needed to look under my t-shirt. Embarrassing enough, especially if you're me (and quite by chance, I happen to be me). But at this second one, I had to remove both my shirt and the stuff underneath. You know, with it being a chest-related problem and all? 

Hoo boy, it's going to take me a while to live that down. 

But then, by the time the appointment was finished, I had been diagnosed with a pretty high probability of a displaced sternum, which is throwing my breathing out of whack. I'll have to get my x-rays next month to know for sure but considering I've suspected that's what's wrong for quite a while now, I don't expect the verdict to change.

And I'll admit it, this last one isn't really all that bad, but after all that other stuff, it was pretty much the poisoned cherry on the stale cake if you catch my drift. See, a few weeks ago I finished up my assessments for the summer, the last of which was a media law exam. Getting the result back, I got a ... 37. And the pass mark is 40.

... Yeah. 

I would go more into that but I think I've ranted enough for one day. So, thanks for reading and that... is all I have to say.

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