Thursday, 1 August 2013

Random Thoughts For July

As I promised, here's the first random thought record. All future ones will be longer as those will cover the entire month.

17th - The fight between Kyubimon and Dokugumon in Digimon Tamers reminds me of the fight between Amaterasu and and the Spider Queen in Okami.

18th - What would hell be like for a sadist?

19th - What if black holes evaporate and disappear over time because the black hole is slowly absorbing itself?

20th - What would happen if you shot a sachet of ketchup out of a gun?

21st - Why do people use the terms 'myth' and 'mythology' interchangeably? Mythology refers to the study of myths, not the story itself.

22nd - Voldemort's eyes are red, the signature color of Gryffindor house. Harry's eyes are green, the signature color of Slytherin.

23rd - I don't think anime developers plan especially far ahead unless they have pre-existing material to work off. After all, some anime series' just find some new, and sometimes repetitive, way to make the characters stronger every time they face a new villain. Think the levels of super saiyan in Dragonball Z and the multiple digivolution levels in Digimon.

24th - It's hard to let your mind wander when you're focused on a task.

25th - On November 23rd fans of Doctor Who and My Little Pony are going to have one crazy day.

26th - Perhaps the d√¶mons in Phillip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' series relate to the metaphorical demons we sometimes refer to in conjunction with our emotions.

27th - In Twilight Princess, five out of the seven howling stone songs are from Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. So the Hero of Time's spirit recognises the melodies from when he was alive  and that's why he's called by the howling stones.

28th - If you think about where certain words come from too much, the words often start sounding ridiculous.

29th - Sunset is probably my favourite time of day. The colors you see in the sky at that time are amazing.

30th - So clown fish apparently change gender naturally. That'd make an interesting sequel to Finding Nemo.

31st - It's surprising how often Fridge Horror makes sense once you read it.

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